Timothee Chalamet thankful for Korean fans, promotes ‘Dune: Part Two’ in Seoul
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Timothee Chalamet thankful for Korean fans, promotes ‘Dune: Part Two’ in Seoul

Timothee Chalamet poses for a photo during a press conference held in Seoul to promote his film “Dune: Part Two.” (Yonhap)

Actor Timothee Chalamet said he is thankful for Korean fans of the “Dune” series during a press conference held to promote his new film, “Dune: Part Two,” in Seoul on Wednesday. Chalamet, director Denis Villeneuve and other cast members including Zendaya, Austin Butler and Stellan Skarsgard were present at the event.

Pronouncing the term in Korean carefully, “Dune-chin-ja” — short for “Dune-e-michin-ja” or one who‘s crazy for ”Dune” in Korean — which he heard for the first time during this visit, he expressed his gratitude for the warm reception to the film’s first installment here. The term ”Dune-chin-ja” emerged after the release of the first part of the film in 2021, showing its popularity among Korean fans.

“It’s just so cool, as an American, to see the rich cinematic history here and be here,” Chalamet told reporters, donning a pale blue jumpsuit by Korean designer Juun.j.

“It’s wonderful to support designers here and thank you to Juun.j for an opportunity to wear it,” he said. Zendaya, who also wore a pastel pink jumpsuit matching Chalamet’s, added, “Hope we look okay.”

From left: “Dune: Part Two” director Denis Villeneuve, producer Mary Parent, actors Stellan Skarsgard, Austin Butler, Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet pose for a photo during a press conference held in Seoul to promote the film “Dune: Part Two.” (Yonhap)

“Dune: Part Two,” the sequel to “Dune” (2021), follows the story of Paul Atreides, played by Chalamet, a young aristocrat who unites with the Fremen tribe to seek revenge against those who destroyed his family. The films are examples of director Villeneuve’s extended and in-depth world-building based on Frank Herbert’s original novel of the same title.

Chalamet said he read the book and what excited him the most was that Paul Atreides was the moral center of the story but also goes through various personal trials involving love, death and destruction.

“Elvis” star Austin Butler, who portrays Feyd-Rautha, an evil nephew of Baron Harkonnen and an antagonist of Paul in “Dune: Part Two,” said he and Chalamet worked on training many months before the shooting began in Budapest.

“My preparation started with a conversation with director Villeneuve and as soon as we started reading (the script), we immediately started training as action scenes were the backbone of the character,” Butler told reporters. It is his first mainstream role following the success of “Elvis.”

Director Denis Villeneuve (left) and Timothee Chalamet (right) speak during a press conference held in Seoul to promote the film “Dune: Part Two.” (Yonhap)

Director Villeneuve said he wanted “Dune: Part Two” to portray the story of a young man.

“It’s the story of a young man who tries to find his genetic heritage and finally finds freedom. The second installment shows him struggling with big questions. The idea of a young man falling in love with another culture and finding a home in another culture really struck me and moved me as a filmmaker. ‘Dune: Part Two’ is a much more muscular movie in terms of action. That was, by far, the most challenging thing,” he told reporters.

Zendaya, who was visiting Korea for the first time, said she felt the reception of the fans was heartwarming. She plays Chani, who forms a romantic relationship with Paul.

“I still have to finish reading beautiful letters, and those mean a lot to me. I never had that kind of generous welcome anywhere else – not even my mom’s house. I absolutely love it here. I wish I could stay here longer,” said Zendaya.

The director and the cast of “Dune: Part Two” are scheduled to end their official promoting in Seoul on Thursday, by meeting with fans in a red carpet event at Yeungdeungpo CGV in Seoul.

“Dune: Part Two” currently ranks second in local box offices, with 118,000 ticket reservations. The movie officially opens here Feb. 28.

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